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Title: Shamed
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Hinamori
Prompt: Shamed
Word Count: 296
Rating: PG
Summary: Not much to tell?
Author's Notes: Just part of my attempt to get back into the swing of writing.

She needed to apologize, to beg for forgiveness. For being such a fool, an idiot who had been blinded by her own self desires for everything to just return the way she wanted it to. For believe her own selfish lies instead of trusting the truth of his words. She should have been able to walk further than the front of his doorstep. Should have been able to throw herself at his feet and ask for his forgiveness, but she was fast discovering an ugly side to her personality.

It wasn’t pride that was keeping her from going to him and admitting her mistakes. Lord knew that she had enough of those to last them both several lifetimes. The problem was that she was afraid. Afraid and full of shame at her own ignorance and naive childness that had almost gotten him killed, twice.

Afraid of what sort of reaction he would give her or what he would say if asked for the forgiveness she craved. She knew he had ever right to say no, to ignore her, that was how people got over things, how they found what they needed.

They moved on.

She wasn’t entirely sure if she could handle that knowledge, if she could look up at him and see nothing more than the blank stare he was so good at giving, and knowing that he had moved past her, found something that she could never attain. That he had finally found a life that didn’t include her in it.

That would break her.

And so she sat outside of his room, staring at the door, wondering what would happen if she ever got up the nerve to walk those last few steps and knock on his door.

Wondered but never did.
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