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Title: Improbability
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Shikamaru, Temari
Genre: general/romance
Word Count: 558
Rating: G
Summary: Just because its improbable doesn't mean it won't work.
Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me.

Written for [ profile] kellenanne.

They were ninja’s. That alone was filled with all sorts of complications and loyalties outside of their realm of interactions. It was what had brought them together in the first place and it was what kept them apart. They were from different villages, had different alliances, served different kages, one was from sand and one was from leaf.

The alliance between their villages had only lasted this long because her brother and their village idiot made it work somehow. How he didn’t know, because Naruto if anything had about as much political influence as a raging psychopath. He had friends though, friends that kept the pieces together until he learned (and could) do it himself.

Still though, alliances were made and broken and it was only a matter of time before this one broke to. He knew Naruto was determined and Gaara was stubborn, even cruel, when he needed to be, but he didn’t hope for much. Hope was for the fools and he was no fool.

After all he was Shikamaru, leaf’s best tactician, a genius, and the best lazy genius to be born into his family since he didn’t know when. He knew governments and he knew politics. He knew how to bring people into power and the best way to strip it from them once they had it. He could manipulate those same political figures and he knew the truths of the world and how easily those same truths could be broken and snapped into nothing.

He stood tall in the shadows, watching, creating, destroying, always changing and always moving.

He lived the life of a Ninja and he did so proudly. For he was leaf’s ninja, leaf’s tactician, leaf’s destroyer of worlds, builder of alliances, and murder of innocents and criminals all for the sake of his village.

She was sands. Belonged to sand, to her brother, to her people just as be belonged to his village and his Hokage.

Still though – he couldn’t quite seem to help the way that he watched her when she was in the village on diplomatic missions. Couldn’t help but notice the way she moved in battle on those occasions when they fought for the same thing, when for a few perfect days their villages moved as one. The effortlessly way she decimated those in front of her with her brass voice and impulsive maneuvers. The way she challenged his opinions for no reason other than she didn’t follow him without questioning, the way she mocked him when he was down, the way she held him up, how she leaned on him when she struggled to take each step.

The way she held onto everything with both hands least it be ripped away from her.

And so he reminded himself of all the ways it wouldn’t work, of all the ways it would fail. It was too troublesome, she was too troublesome and he would never, ever, make it past her brother should he take exception to the whole thing. That he shouldn’t touch, shouldn’t think, plan, or dream anything that involved that particular blond in his life.

Still though, when she looked up at him, hair mused, cheeks bright with her blush, lips curved in that enduring little smile she tried so hard to hide… he faltered before that.

In the end, he really was a fool.
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