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Prompt: She almost serious - Pyon

Pyon was aware that she was simply a gigai filler for Rukia. That her main goal in this world and the next was to keep her faux body safe and to follow the orders that she was handed down with a single minded determination that could not be questioned, turned aside, or forced asunder.

She was okay with this. She was content with her role in Rukia’s life, with knowing the gossip and knowing the most secret things in her life.

But she was really almost serious when she told Ichigo about Rukia’s past, and she was just as almost serious when she almost broke his arm.

That boy needed a wake up call. No leader of hers was weak or even to be looked down upon.

If she was the one who must deliver that message then so be it.

Requested By: [livejournal.com profile] thallien
Prompt: Neji/Hinata

She wasn’t sure when things had transformed between them. She wanted to say it was the will of the clan, that things were progressing the way they were because they had no choice if they wanted to make a life for themselves.

That simply wasn’t the way it had happened.

Even now… she couldn’t say what had happened. She had simply turned and looked up at the polite voicing of her name and had blinked at his profile in the early morning light. In that moment he had stopped simply being ‘Neji’ and had become something else all together.



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