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Birthdate:Mar 31
Location:United States of America
Website:Personal Journal

[About clearandstrong]
[x] Byn/Davan - a writer from Oklahoma who who enjoys sap and angst, has a degree in graphic design but does something else entirely and thinks her dog is a dork.

[x] Kel - a writer from Oregon who enjoys blood and whumpage, is working on her associates, and loves her spaztic dog.

[x] Ships - hitsu/hina, ichi/rukia, ran/renji, shun/nanao, renji/rukia, bya/hisana, urahara/yoruchi, toph/sokka, zuko/kataara, mai/naru, shikamaru/temari and many others.

[x] Hates - drama, fandom wank,
[Things that we do]
- Hinamori Momo claim at at 50scenes.
- HitsuHina claim at 12_fics.

[Affiliates/People we Read]

taegan_kel (kel! her personal writing journal)
flowingmists (writes a little bit of everything)
helloshoe (adorable Hitsu/Hina writer and translates doujin at mamejanakute)

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